Established In 1980   
 A 501(c)(4) For Westchester, CA    



  The Westchester Vitalization Corporation  ...

Plans for responsible development and growth in Westchester, California and surrounding areas. 

Ensures a superior quality of life that balances the needs of the business community with that of the residential community. 

Reviews, monitors and contributes (when applicable) to the business and community projects which come before us. 

Advises elected officials on issues of importance to the economic vitality and lifestyle of the community. 

Our Mission 

The mission of the Westchester Vitalization Corporation is the furtherance of economic development in the Westchester/Playa del Rey area of Los Angeles County, State of California by acting as a clearing house for local development, regulatory bodies, and community interest projects, thereby assisting the growth and development of the local economy.

A Strong History 

Established in 1980 under special charter by the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Westchester Vitalization Corporation, a Public Benefit Corporation (WVC), has served as a stable sounding board for issues of economic importance to Westchester’s greater business, residential and civic community. 

Distinguished Leadership

A dedicated Board of Directors with an impressive 26-year history of working for responsible development and combating negative community impacts.

Westchester Farmer's Market 

Established by WVC in 1993, income from the Westchester Farmers' Market has enabled WVC to provide mentoring and seed monies for a number of organizations, community service groups, and projects such as Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey, the Westchester Streetscape Improvement Association, Westchester Park, the Veterans Memorial monument, Nielsen Youth Park, Westchester on Parade, the Westchester/Playa del Rey Historical Society and numerous other community events and projects.


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